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Management Consulting/Program Management Support

management_consultingThe foundation of the Vision Technologies (Vision) management discipline is providing expert advice and support to organizations seeking to improve their performance through analysis of existing organizational problems and development of plans of action. This begins with building and maintaining relationships and open communication with each client to ensure that we meet their business goals. Similarly, we are particularly adept at managing programs to successful completion of their objectives.

We aim to:

  • Learn, establish, and quantify client expectations associated with the consulting arrangement or contract performance
  • Involve everyone to the maximum extent possible in improvement initiatives
  • Establish metrics that measure performance against expectations
  • Improve service delivery performance throughout the partnership, concentrating on stretch goals, systematic improvement, and accelerating results
  • Enhance the Project Management Institute’s (PMI) methodologies and ITIL v3 best practices with our decades of experience. The result—we exceed client expectations by completing projects and task orders on time, on budget, and in compliance with industry specifications and the client’s requirements.

Our Management Consulting/Program Management Support services include:

  • Enterprise architecture
  • Business process improvement/reengineering (BPI/BPR) including ITIL v3
  • Program planning and control services
  • Change and knowledge management
  • Configuration management
  • Quality assurance and control
  • Logistics support

Our Approach & Benefits

management_consulting_program_management_supportWe plan our approach with you, focusing on the key areas of team development, communications management; quality management; enhanced administrative processes, procedures, and policies, and improved systems and technology. The result is a program that’s custom designed to meet your needs to:

  • Align technology to meet client goals and objectives
  • Provide solutions that are efficient, stable, and sustainable
  • Capture legacy data and processes to ensure knowledge continuity and no disruption of mission essential task performance
  • Ensure that IT procurement and implementation supports business drivers
  • Assure compliance with Federal regulations
  • Lay the foundation for continuous service and delivery improvement

drop-arrow   Logistics Support

Logistics addresses the full supply chain—from our suppliers to our customers — using analyses and planning to minimize and manage logistics risks. Vision’s Logistics Support services involve the analysis of support systems throughout the life cycle of a program. We aim to provide our clients with systems that require the lowest possible total ownership costs through our key services that analyze:

  • Supportability engineering
  • Life-cycle/total ownership costs
  • Level of repair analysis
  • Spares optimization and supply support
  • Failure mode effect and criticality analysis
  • Failure reporting and corrective action systems
  • Support equipment analysis

drop-arrow   Business Process Improvement/Reengineering (BPI/BPR)

Business Process Improvement/Reengineering (BPI/BPR)Vision focuses on business analysis and business process transformation based on ITIL v3 and PMP best practices to leverage existing technologies, people, and processes to better meet business goals and objectives. By elevating the efficiency and effectiveness of existing business processes, Vision can dramatically improve your quality of service and responsiveness and reduce your costs by eliminating redundancies in personnel, assets, and supporting activities. Our BPR process of plan, discover, analyze, redesign, and implement allows us to partner with you at every step of the process to transform their business.

Vision offers these BPI/BPR services:

  • Strategic planning
  • Business process baseline and maturity roadmap
  • Business process identification
  • Gap analysis
  • Business case development
  • Governance

drop-arrow   Change Management

Vision understands the detrimental effect that improperly managed change can have on an IT environment and on the business that it supports. Without standardized processes and effective coordination between related organizations and departments, the impact of change can be devastating to the underlying mission of the business. Vision employs standardized methods, processes, and procedures based on ITIL v3 best practices to ensure that change is managed across the enterprise to facilitate efficiency and minimize disruptions.

Vision’s Change Management Services include:

  • Transition planning
  • Identification and Capture of existing and anticipated changes
  • Change impacts on environment and business needs
  • Cross-coordination validation and acceptance testing
  • Risk mitigation
  • Implementation of SOPS and Change Management Best Practices

drop-arrow   Knowledge Management

Finding the information you need when you need it for informed decision-making is a constant and critical challenge. Today’s competitive business environment demands creation, management, and utilization of knowledge to generate business intelligence. Vision has developed the capabilities and methodologies to offer Knowledge Management services that enable our clients to transform into knowledge-enabled enterprises.

We can help you to collect, organize, store, and the utilize the enterprise knowledge base to achieve shared intelligence, improved performance, competitive advantage, and higher levels of innovation in their business operations.

drop-arrow   Program Planning & Control Services

Program planning develops, elaborates, and consolidates detailed contractor program plans by primary area to accurately define activities in terms of scope, schedule, and cost. Vision’s program planning provides overall budgetary structure, resource requirements and guidance that enables program staff to accomplish tasks within during specific timeframes. We implement a comprehensive set of planning processes that guide the development and maintenance of program work scope, schedule, and cost baselines and measure performance against those baselines.

The overall program planning process is accomplished through a four-phase approach, including:

  • Phase I – Establishes the fiscal year’s “pilot budget” and serves as financial guidance for all future phases
  • Phase II – Prepares the Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) cost estimates at the control account level
  • Phase III – Reviews and approves the ROM estimates and develops detailed cost estimates and their associated activities at the work package level
  • Phase IV – Develops a detailed contractor schedule based on the reviewed and approved work package activities

Proper program planning produces a work breakdown structure (WBS), program schedules [both Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) and Integrated Master Program Schedule (IMPS)], and Functional Work Plans (Control Accounts and Work Packages) with time-phased budgets and a Control Account summary. By integrating the time-phased budgets with the program schedule, requirements for program management operations are defined over the duration of the task.

The program WBS provides the overarching framework for identifying each element of the program in increasing levels of detail. The WBS incorporates activities into a program schedule with detailed tasks, the relation of the tasks, and their logical progression throughout the course of the program. The most significant program planning elements are development of the Control Account and Work Package plans. Organized by primary area, these detailed plans define the program activities in terms of scope, resource allocation, schedule, and cost and establish the baseline budget. The Work Package plans provide the overall budgetary structure, resource requirements, and guidance for program staff throughout the project.

Vision utilizes several program tracking and oversight reporting strategies to track and oversee your program to ensure it stays within budget and schedule constraints and produces an affordable, reliable system. Performance measurement tools provide management with the necessary information to monitor progress, identify significant problems, and implement corrective actions.

drop-arrow   Quality Assurance and Control

Organizations and business alike recognize quality assurance and control as proven management tools that enhance organizational functions from top-level decision-makers to technicians who perform the hands-on work.Vision is committed to QA/QC excellence in all aspects of its work, and we strive to ensure that our services meet your requirements and are reliable and fiscally sound.

We can work with you to develop a Quality Management System based on your specific needs that includes policies and procedures and compliance with Federal and nationally recognized standards, including:

  • Orient and train key personnel in QA/QC Concepts
  • Develop and establish Quality Control Inspection Programs
  • Develop and establish Auditing Programs
  • Develop and establish Product Surveillance Programs
  • Supply all the necessary tools, knowledge, experience, and personnel to implement your total QA/QC Management System

drop-arrow   Enterprise Architecture

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is a strategic management tool that defines:

  • An organization’s business
  • Information necessary to perform the business
  • Technologies necessary to perform the business
  • Transitional processes for implementing new technologies in response to changing business needs


Vision aligns the EA with your business needs to achieve high performance and a clear understanding of technology investments and business impacts.

Vision EA Services include:

  • Strategic planning
  • Technology roadmap alignment with agency goals
  • IT Architecture planning and implementation
  • Policy and governance strategies
  • Portfolio management
  • Capital planning and investment control

drop-arrow   Configuration Management

Vision recognizes that program quality, time of delivery, and resources depend on how well an organization implements configuration management (CM) practices. CM practices support systematic management of a product and changes to it and provide a complete audit trail of decisions and architecture modifications.

Proper configuration management planning includes:

  • Detail Enterprise Architecture (EA) CM approach using stringent version control and document management
  • Establish the CM environment and select appropriate tools and procedures
  • Implement the plan
  • Integrate EA CM into defined processes
  • Conduct ongoing planning and management
  • Review CM needs
  • Measure and evaluate CM performance
  • Perform EA CM training
  • Update tools, procedures, etc. as appropriate
  • Update the CM plan as appropriate

CM also establishes and maintains configuration item (CI) integrity across the project. CIs are the hardware, software, and documentation components related to a project. Work product integrity is achieved by identifying the CIs and the systematic control of changes to them. From the baseline, changes to CIs are managed via the change control and audit procedures. The goals of CM are to:

  • Properly plan all CM activities
  • Identify, track, control selected work products from the CM repository
  • Control and document changes to work products
  • Inform affected groups and individuals of the status and content of project baselines

Vision Configuration Management services include:

  • Identify CM items (requirements data, architecture and engineering data, product source and execution code, problem reports and resolution, and test procedures and reports)
  • Establish release baselines
  • Manage check-in, check-out procedures
  • Track deficiency and change requests
  • Conduct Configuration Control Board (CCB) and Software Engineering Process Group (SEPG) meetings
  • Perform CM audits

Federal Clients

At Vision Technologies (Vision), we recognize the value of doing the job right, the first time. Our execution culture fosters the spirit of customer service, and the result is satisfied customers who are willing to share their experiences with you. Here's a partial list of our satisfied customer accounts:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Federal Deposit & Insurance Corporation
  • U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

If you'd like a referral from any of these accounts, please contact us and we'll forward the information!

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