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Enterprise IT Support & Consolidation Services

Enterprise IT Support and ConsolidationImplementation of Executive Order 13514 on Federal Sustainability can be accomplished, in part, by consolidating IT resources. The Vision Technologies (Vision) Enterprise Consolidation services help government agencies of all sizes adopt a business approach to IT operations. By moving from a stove-piped IT environment to an integrated, enterprise model, we help manage IT operations more efficiently and cost effectively.

Our Enterprise IT Support and Consolidation services include:

  • Designing an enterprise-wide framework for implementation
  • Determining a strategy for change and risk management
  • Developing and implementing a communication plan
  • Consolidation/standardization/virtualization of hardware and software in a phased manner
  • Testing and improving performance as resources are consolidated
  • Implementation of best practices and common methodologies
  • Use of Integrated Product Teams (IPTs) across contractors

Our Approach & Benefits

Vision's Enterprise IT Consolidation experts start by assembling an Integrated Product Team (IPT) that includes agency representatives, contractors, and stakeholders. We ensure that all stakeholders stay focused on achieving project milestones throughout the process and avoiding work disruptions. We assess the agency's current situation to gain a thorough understanding of constraints, such as security regulations, geographical issues, and budget. Based on this assessment, Vision's experts develop a project plan that details incremental changes, plots hardware and software consolidation, outlines technology infrastructure connections between multiple locations, consolidates data warehouses for improved data storage, establishes a single service desk to handle multiple locations, and unifies server and remote desktop management. It is critically important to undertake consolidation efforts with the right knowledge, data, metrics, and visibility.

The Vision methodology provides for a single enterprise-wide architecture that runs the network backbone in accordance with government-mandated performance guidelines. The changes to the IT infrastructure are seamless, avoiding service interruptions and remaining transparent to end users. Because communication throughout the consolidation is essential, we keep all stakeholders – the user community, technical staff, middle management, and the Office of the CIO – apprised of developments. We update you on our progress, milestones, and achievements throughout the consolidation, and as a result:

  • Improve employee productivity and government interaction with its constituencies
  • Deliver better service and quicker response
  • Provide faster information access to support decision making
  • Limit security holes and detect intrusions
  • Implement IT governance to control your budget
  • Modernize technology and support
  • Remain compliant with Federal regulations
  • Reduce costs

drop-arrow   Server Management & Consolidation

Vision understands that server management solutions must be reliable, secure, flexible, cost-efficient and able to meet the ever-changing business needs of organizations and rapidly evolving technologies. We have developed standardized procedures to ensure proper maintenance of existing systems and identify opportunities for consolidation, virtualization, and shared resources to maximize your IT investment.

Our Server Management and Consolidation services include:

  • Asset tracking and configuration management
  • Initial server setup
  • System backup restoration
  • Disaster recovery and continuity of operations (COOP)
  • Server migration
  • Third-party software installation
  • Backend server software support and upgrades
  • System security, optimization and hardening
  • 24/7/365 proactive server monitoring

Complex enterprise consolidation projects require coordination between multiple contractors, who often work on separate contracts with different contract monitors. Vision utilizes the Integrated Product Teams (IPT) approach to manage various contributors on a project. This approach enables multiple organizations or functional areas to work together to:

  • Increase efficiency of existing resources (members may be on several IPTs)
  • Establish a conflict resolution methodology to fairly evaluate all approaches
  • Motivate team members to participate in the IPT environment
  • Enable open reporting instead of multiple and fragmented reporting from many different perspectives
  • Improve cooperation among groups
  • Reduce costs by utilizing the appropriate functional skills for every task
  • Empower participants to reduce approval delays
  • Deliver the final product

Each IPT is formed to manage the contributions of multiple functional areas and organizations, identify the appropriate IPT products, and effectively and efficiently deliver them. Once the team is established and the leadership model developed, IPT leaders delineate the roles and expectations of members and ensure that the project is managed cooperatively and productively among all stakeholders. On every project, Vision professionals focus on the key consolidation tasks required to deliver the product including: technical competence, decision-making processes, reporting requirements, cost and budget, and delivery schedule.

Vital institutional data is captured in your legacy systems. The challenge of modernizing and consolidating these systems can be expensive and time-consuming, especially when automated systems are maintained by various organizations and contractors. Vision can design and implement an enterprise-wide framework that provides a comprehensive approach to meeting your information technology requirements.

Because legacy systems were often designed and built department by department as point solutions, functions are often redundant and overlapping. Automated interfaces frequently do not exist, requiring manual data moves between systems that are difficult to maintain and often incompatible with current industry standards for continuity of operations. Vision helps your agency adhere to mandates from the Office of Management and Budget requiring agency technology infrastructure consolidation to eliminate redundancies and streamline IT frameworks. Our experts will:

  • Define core components
  • Identify required systems interfaces
  • Specify data format criteria
  • Ensure data portability across the various enterprise level systems
  • Develop clear and workable approaches to continuity of operations
  • Communicate the critical importance of an enterprise-wide framework with executives, management, stakeholders and users

Our team of business process engineering experts will lead your agency through the necessary steps to identify, strategize and implement your agency's enterprise-wide framework.

drop-arrow   Network Operations & Help Desk

 Enterprise IT Support and Consolidation Services

As your agency's core business processes become increasingly dependent on network services, effective network management becomes essential to meeting your business objectives. Vision utilizes an integrated approach that unifies all levels of network management--service level, configuration, change, capacity, and availability--to provide a stable set of network services aligned with the needs of the business.

Vision understands that the critical aspects of network operations involve sustaining network reliability and availability and securing continuous access to your data systems. Vision monitors network performance and availability, properly installs updates/patches, recommends upgrades to improve performance and availability, and mitigates outages. We also ensure that your network, data and information is protected from accidental or malicious security breaches.

We offer a full suite of network services to provide reliable and secure connectivity from desktop, to server, to LAN, to WAN and to enterprise-wide operations that support the IT environment. Small or large local area networks, wide-area networks, or enterprise-wide communication capabilities are delivered by our network services. Your information is only as valuable as your ability to access, retrieve, view, and use it. We ensure that connectivity is maintained and your communication capabilities continue without interruption.

Our network operations, management and help desk services include:

  • Evaluation and planning
  • Requirements analysis
  • Network design and architecture
  • Communication protocols
  • Integration services
  • Network management systems and services
  • Client support services

Vision utilizes a holistic approach that consists of a set of practices, tools, and protocols used to operate, administer, and provision networking services. Elements of this approach include:

  • Proactive performance management
  • Effective security management to comply with agency and Federal policies
  • Topology planning to support efficient routing and fault tolerance
  • Bandwidth and load balancing management
  • Efficient provision of new requirements
  • State data and activity logging monitoring
  • Creation and implementation of QoS policies to support latency sensitive applications, such as VOIP and videoconferencing

Vision network experts provide critical services to ensure that your infrastructure operates efficiently, reliably and cost effectively. Vision's infrastructure management capabilities include:

  • Fine tuning network configuration to leverage existing capacity and maximize infrastructure investment
  • Contract management with commercial and government-wide vehicles
  • Asset tracking and configuration management to achieve compliance goals
  • Financial management utilizing accounting systems for fixed-cost and charge-back models
  • Cyber security support from policy creation through execution, including disaster recovery,
  • Intrusion protection, vulnerability testing, and compliance auditing

We offer network monitoring expertise for a variety of commercial and open-source frameworks including:

  • Blue Coat
  • scoWorks
  • Fluke Networks
  • SNMPc
  • OpenView
  • Nagios
  • ProCurve
  • Snort

Federal Clients

At Vision Technologies (Vision), we recognize the value of doing the job right, the first time. Our execution culture fosters the spirit of customer service, and the result is satisfied customers who are willing to share their experiences with you. Here's a partial list of our satisfied customer accounts:

  • Department of Homeland Security
  • Department of Veteran Affairs
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Federal Deposit & Insurance Corporation
  • U. S. Environmental Protection Agency

If you'd like a referral from any of these accounts, please contact us and we'll forward the information!

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