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Wireless Design, Implementation & Support

High-performance wireless is the foundation for transforming business with mobility—providing employees with the tools to communicate and collaborate anywhere, any time. Vision brings wireless networking to high traffic public areas such as airport terminals, convention centers, hotels, shared offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, auditoriums and classrooms. Our enhanced authentication and security provides access to authorized users, while preventing snoops, interlopers and freeloaders with access. Additionally, our comprehensive security can confidently deploy wireless technology for use in sensitive corporate applications. End users get convenient, high-speed access, while you maintain management control and total peace of mind. Our Wireless Design, Implementation and Support services include:

  • Enterprise WiFi Access and Hotspots Guest access solutions
  • WiFi For business services (VoIP, CCTV, hand held scanners, point of sale/POS, digital signage, etc.) 
  • Multi-service mesh networks 
  • Outdoor broadband wireless/WiFi Point-to-point wireless 
  • Point-to-multi-point wireless 
  • Wireless video surveillance In-building cellular solutions 
  • WiFi cellular boost/signal enhancement/amplifiers repeaters installation
  • Public safety solutions RFID Utilizing industry-standard wireless networking 

Vision’s wireless systems connect to your PCs without the hassle of cables. With a well established history in wireless communications and converged voice and data networking, Vision delivers wireless Local Area Networks (wLANs) solutions suited to every environment from the simplest applications to offices, schools, campuses and metropolitan wireless networks. Vision delivers highly secure, high-bandwidth, long-range communication to public spaces and security-sensitive applications that:    click to read more

  • Increase productivity Access network, information, and applications wherever you are 
  • Access voice over WLAN, guest access, and context-aware services 
  • Access network resources in real time 
  • Safeguard your network 
  • Maintain consistent user identity 
  • Secure and manage the network as a business asset 
  • Ensure business continuity, overcome threats, and facilitate regulatory compliance 
  • Vision provides FIPS 140-2 Compliant systems for enhanced wireless security Enable virtual collaboration 
  • Provide employees access to their team wherever they are 
  • Support data, voice, and video communications with one integrated network 
  • Collaborate with a variety of mobile devices 
  • Provide 802.11n scalable performance 
  • Address the wave of mobile client devices entering the network 
  • Speed up wireless transactions with performance up to 169 percent faster than wireless from other vendors 
  • Seamlessly integrate with your existing wired topology 
  • Set your assets in motion 
  • Analyze mobile assets and their users to improve productivity 
  • Gather contextual information to make better business decisions 
  • Detect and mitigate interference or security threats 
  • Provide secure, high-speed access Enhance public safety and information access 
  • Connect fixed and mobile applications across metropolitan areas 
  • Link campus and branch offices at a lower cost 

Our industry-standard wireless networking solutions are firmly based on the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) 802.11a/b/g /x (WiFi compliant) standard for wireless LANs. We provide robust, reliable connectivity and the high performance of wired LANs, with the flexibility, mobility, and low cost of wireless. Deployment of a wireless network can be complicated and require careful planning. Vision wireless experts are ready to evaluate your business requirements and objectives and conduct a site survey to determine possible sources of interference, compatibility issues with existing equipment and possible security risks.

Based on the complexity of your network and the size of your facility, our engineers plan, design and implement the wireless network solution right for your needs. Vision conducts physical site surveys of your premises to locate the ideal locations to install access points and ensure 100% wireless coverage and optimum performance. We perform a radio frequency (RF) test to determine the behavior of radio waves within your facility, as obstacles such as doors, walls, elevator shafts and personnel may result in an irregular and unpredictable radio frequency pattern. The RF test also detects any radio interference from other sources that could negatively affect the performance of the wireless LAN. Based on the findings of the site survey and RF test, we are able to determine the optimal number and placement of the access points.

Site survey services include:

  • Verification of proposed equipment room 
  • Identification of transmission access point 
  • Selection of a suitable radio unit to meet the capacity requirements 
  • Antenna system design 
  • Active test measurements to comply with the signal strength requirements in the predefined areas 
  • Link budget calculations based on estimates of feeders, power splitters and couplers to be deployed 
  • Identification of cable routing Verification of the cable routing In-Building 
  • Design proposal based on the output from the RF and engineering survey, which details: 
    • Building information Equipment type and materials required 
    • Distributed Antenna System diagram 
    • Coverage indication 
    • Proposed antenna types and antenna locations 
    • Proposed feeder route    
  • Access Points - WLAN Installation Vision integrates the WiFi system into your current network, installs all the required wireless equipment, and certifies its operation. 

Our structured cabling team ensures certain that all cabling and power runs are installed and tested prior to the installation of access points. WLAN Installation Access Points services include: Access points mounting Physical security enclosure installation, as needed Antenna mounting Connecting antennas to access points, backbone LAN to access points and power to access points Remote power system installation and connection Coverage verification Access points and hardware connections Proper firmware level Radio information (ssid, channel, bit rate) IP addresses Network connectivity verification Vision delivers in-building wireless coverage solutions specifically designed for your environment and application.

We design, install and service carrier certified in-building solutions and ensure reliability, quality and optimum performance. Vision provides affordable and scalable wireless applications including cellular, PCs, two-way radio, Blackberry, and WiFi solutions that maximize your investment. The materials used to meet today’s high safety and energy-efficient building standards can impair wireless signals, resulting in low-quality signals, dropped connections, and dead spots in office buildings, parking garages, and airports. We identify and address these coverage issues with solutions that ensure seamless voice and data connectivity anywhere in your facility. We have successfully completed installations for a variety of industries in facilities ranging in size from 25,000 to over 1 million square feet, including: Office buildings Manufacturing and high tech facilities Data centers Safety/government office Campuses Hospitals/healthcare centers Warehouses/convention centers Malls/retail complexes Gaming facilities Public safety systems    Data Sheets Design Services

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Commercial Services

Commercial Highlights

T-Mobile - Vision provided site survey, installation, and documentation of a cellular reinforcement solution rolled out to over 700 locations in the United States. The hardware deployed included Cisco routers and store cabling.

SAIC - As a SAIC valued services provider for the ICE Program, Vision provides survey, design, implementation, and documentation services on an on-going basis within the 50 states and Puerto Rico.

W.W. Grainger - For a 410 site rollout, Vision provided comprehensive site survey, installation, and cut-over services for cabling infrastructure, access point and router equipment. We successfully managed over 1500 client visits, delivering on-time for the VOIP engagement.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) - Vision provides managed services for 110 FDIC offices nationally for the past six years (including two awards via re-compete) for audio-visual, in-building cellular systems, and structured cabling.

Merrill Lynch - For six years, Vision provided trouble call and resolution services supporting 630 branches in the United States and Puerto Rico, with a contract requiring a four-hour response SLA and intense communications requirements.

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