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Data Center Management

Vision Data Center ManagementVision Technologies (Vision) sets the bar for Data Center Management, from the initial design through installation and on-site support. Our team of industry-certified experts have decades of experience in Data Centers. We support co-location and managed services facilities, corporate and government data centers, telecoms and ASPs. We understand the requirements of mission-critical environments, designing your environment from the sys admin requirements up through N+1 capabilities. Vision knows that your mission is critical!

Vision provides end-to-end data center operations to migrate, process, maintain, and meet the information processing needs of our clients. The value of outsourcing data center operations is the capacity, capability, and reliability our services provide to meet business needs. Through remote host operations and onsite models, we provide secure and reliable data center operations to deliver the following functions:

  • Processing capacity
  • Hardware and software requirements
  • Network connectivity
  • Security systems
  • Client support services
  • Technology refreshment
  • Disaster recovery and contingency planning
  • SANs and TANs
  • Facility planning and management

Our Approach & Benefits

Vision recognizes that you need to be highly available for your customers, vendors, suppliers and partners. You rely on an infrastructure that can meet your IT needs for an “always on” operation. We can design, build and operate your data centers with the latest technologies, energy efficient equipment and scalable infrastructure solutions tailored to your specific business needs.

Our data center management solutions ensure that your system is always protected, enabling you to focus on your business by:

  • Protecting your critical data by integrating data security, backup and recovery strategies that improve efficiencies and reduce upgrade costs
  • Optimizing data center efficiency to realize significant cost savings
  • Incorporating virtualization to consolidate resources and greatly reduce IT costs
  • Ensuring business continuity in the event of a disaster with comprehensive recovery plans


Partners in the Data Center Management area include:

  • Cisco Systems
  • Check Point
  • Juniper
  • Microsoft
  • F5
  • Nortrel
  • Avaya
  • APC

drop-arrow   Design and Consulting Services

Vision provides Design and Consulting Services for various solutions ranging from TIA 942 compliant structured cabling systems, data centers, access control, audio-visual, and wireless. We provide subject matter experts who partner with our clients to understand their needs, develop designs, and deliver solutions. The result includes a documented design package with detailed solution that the client can easily implement.

Our design and consulting services are accomplished through a repeatable process that is critical to our success that includes:

  • Proactive Planning – All Project Stakeholders
  • Design Requirements
  • Data Gathering
  • Data Validation
  • Design
    • Topology, Layout
    • Product Data
    • Detailed Connectivity Summary
    • Detailed Design/Scope Document
    • Detailed Drawing Set – Floor plans, rack elevations, logical distribution
    • Administration System – Labeling Scheme, types, alphanumeric data center infrastructure
    • Grounding and Bonding
    • RFP as required
  • Design Review
    • Internal and External
    • Review and Mark-Up
  • Design Modification
    • Revise and Modify
  • Final Design Submission


Vision has successfully completed design and consulting work for the following clients:

  • T. Rowe Price
    • ISP & OSP
    • Full Design Package w/RFP
  • Valero Energy
    • Data Center
    • ISP & OSP
    • Security
    • Full Design Package
  • Frost Bank
    • Data Center
    • Full Design Package
  • Thyssen Krupp
    • OSP & OSP
    • Full Design Package w/RFP
    • NAC
    • Sterling, VA – Data Center Design, Consulting, PM Services
    • Phoenix, AZ – Data Center Design, Consulting, PM Services
    • Newark, NJ - Data Center Design, Consulting, PM Services
    • Warwick, UK - Data Center Design, Consulting, PM Services
    • Amsterdam, NL - Data Center Design, Consulting, PM Services

drop-arrow   Data Center Infrastructures

Vision provides Data Center Infrastructure services which include detailed engineering to complete installation build. All of our projects are delivered in accordance with TIA-942 “Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers.” We provide BICSI certified Registered Communications Distribution Designers (RCDD), technicians, and installers to build your data center from the raised floor and up including copper, fiber, pre-terminated plug and play solutions, cabinets, racking, trays, cold aisle containment, and cage installation. All of our projects are assigned a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) to ensure the project adheres to client requirements, meets the defined schedule, and completes within the allocated budget.

Our DCI services include:

  • Data Center Structured Cabling
    • Complete Design/Engineering/Build from inception to completion
    • Raised Floor Space Planning and Layout
      • Overhead CAD Drawings
      • Alphanumeric Grid System
      • Space Planning and Maximization
    • Rack & Cabinet Space Planning and Layout
      • Rack Elevation CAD Drawings
      • Rack Space Efficiency
      • Port Density Maximization
    • Fiber Solution Design and Installation
      • Multimode OM3 50-Micron 10-Gigabit Fiber
      • Multimode OM4 50-Micron 40 and 100-Gigabit Fiber
      • Single-mode Fiber
      • Field Terminated and Pre-Termination Solutions
      • Fiber Polarity Consideration
      • Complete Specification, Design, and Install
    • Copper Solution Design and Installation
      • Category 6, 6e, and 6A (10-Gigabit)
      • Type 734 and Type 735 DSX Coaxial
      • Field Terminated and Pre-Termination Solutions
      • Complete Specification, Design, and Install
    • Rack and Cabinet Solution Design and Installation
      • Server Cabinet Design and Specification
      • Network Cabinet Design and Specification
      • Rack Specification; 2-Post, 4-Post, server, network
      • Complete Specification, Design, and Install
    • Pathway Solution Design and Installation
      • Overhead Tray Systems
      • Raised Floor Tray Systems
      • Separate Fiber and Copper Pathways Systems
      • Complete Specification, Design, and Install
    • Certified Personnel
      • BICSI Certified RCDDs
      • BICSI Certified Installers and Technicians
      • Certified by all major manufacturers
  • Professional Project/Program Management from inception to completion
    • Project Management Professionals
    • Detailed Project Plans
    • Weekly Written Status Reports
    • Weekly Status meetings, conference calls
    • Material Procurement, Scheduling, Inventory, and Coordination
    • Facility and Vendor Coordination
  • Professional Documentation Services
    • Test Results
      • Copper
      • Fiber
        • Power Meter
        • OTDR
    • Port Connectivity Run Sheets
      • Copper
      • Fiber
    • CAD Drawings
      • Overhead Floor Layout
      • Cable Tray Pathway Systems
      • Logical Cable Routing
        • Backbone
        • Horizontal
      • Rack Elevation
        • Detailed port, slot assignments
        • Rack unit level drawings


Vision has successfully completed data center infrastructure work for the following clients:

  • Qwest
  • eBay
  • Symantec
  • NIH
  • IBM (domestically and internationally)
  • EDS
  • HP
  • DHS
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Discovery Communications
  • Black & Decker
  • Kaiser Permanente
  • CareFirst
  • FDIC
  • Charter Communications
  • MedImmune

drop-arrow   Data Center Facilities

Vision provides design and consulting services for the facility side of mission-critical data centers. Employing a proven methodology for consulting through design, engineering, construction, and commissioning, we deliver reliable facilities on time and on budget. Our unique approach bridges the disparate demands of information technology, A/E design, and facilities management. Our proof is in a legacy of over 4,000 successful projects throughout the United States and Canada.

The following is a summary of our DCF services:

  • Site Evaluation and Selection
  • Architectural Design
  • Civil Engineering
    • Rights of Way
    • Permitting
  • Raised Floor Engineering
    • Load Rating Considerations
  • Electrical
    • Design and Engineering
    • Power Distribution
    • UPS Systems
    • Emergency Power Systems
    • DC Power
  • Mechanical
    • HVAC Systems
    • Hot and Cold Water Systems
    • Energy Management
    • Energy Audits
  • Fire Protection
    • Wet Systems
    • Dry Systems
  • Security
    • Access Control
    • CCTV
    • Biometrics
  • Audio Visual
    • Boardrooms, Conference Room
    • Video Teleconference (VTC)
    • Tele-presence
    • Plasma, LCD, LED Displays
  • Network Operation Centers (NOCs)
    • Design, Build, Installation
    • Complete Specification, Design, and Install
  • Commissioning
    • Validation of design concept and desired reliability level
    • Validation of intended systems operation as an integrated whole.
    • Client Personnel Training
    • Commissioning Deliverables
      • Factory Witness Tests
      • Construction Observation Comments
      • Pre-Functional Checklists
      • Functional Performance Tests
      • Written Report Documenting Results


Vision has successfully completed data center infrastructure work for the following clients:

  • IBM
  • HP
  • Intel
  • EMC
  • Sprint
  • Unisys
  • Capital One
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Merrill Lynch
  • Ernst & Young
  • Price Waterhouse Coopers
  • NBA
  • Trump Tower
  • United Nations
  • Department of Veterans Administration
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • General Dynamics
  • General Motors
  • Northrop Grumman
  • Federal Express
  • Georgetown University
  • Harvard University

drop-arrow   Mission Critical Facility Management

Vision provides innovative consulting and full-service solutions for commercial facilities and information technology data centers. The Vision team integrates information technology, professional services, and mission critical facility management experience to exceed solutions offered by other IT consulting or construction management firms.

Vision provides design services, project management, installation, and appropriate testing and documentation for your entire project. In addition, our rack, cage, and cabling infrastructure services can be used on a standalone basis.

Our data center and facility management service capabilities include:

  • Infrastructure and building audits
  • Site analysis and due diligence
  • Design services
  • Mission critical consulting services
  • Cable infrastructure services
  • End-to-end facility management
  • Building and site management systems
  • Commercial automation
  • Rack, cage, and cabling services
  • Wireless in-house solutions
  • Security services such as CCTV, monitoring, access control

drop-arrow   Corning Pretium Edge

Corning Pretium Edge


At Vision Technologies, we have been helping commercial and federal clients drive business transformation with our award winning IT Services for over a decade. Leveraging our expertise, experience and certifications, we are now offering a data center solution that will take your business to the next level! Corning LANscape Pretium EDGE Solutions will help to increase your revenue, minimize risks, reduce your expenses and manage all of your information efficiently without fear of downtime.

The data center is the central hub of your optical network – transmitting, storing and protecting the information upon which your entire business relies. Vision provides end-to-end data center operations to migrate, process, maintain and meet your information processing needs.

The faster the network is installed, the faster it can start bringing in revenue. Vision Technologies can install the EDGE Solution 35% faster than traditional cabling systems, enabling the network to generate revenue faster than ever before. The reduction in installation time is due to the trunk cables featuring a newly designed pulling grip that can be routed faster and can be quickly removed when installation is complete. With a new and innovative hardware design, the EDGE modules can be installed by Vision Technologies in the front or rear of the housings, enabling our technicians to deploy the network in the fashion we find most efficient and from one cabinet row. Click here to find out even more about how quickly the solution can be installed.


Not only is the EDGE Solution quickly installed, it also enables you to manage moves, adds and changes (MACs) 25% faster to ensure the network stays up and running while simultaneously updating. This is due to the EDGE Solution including a truly unique hardware design with housings containing individually sliding trays (three trays per 1U of space) into which the modules are loaded. These individual trays make it easier and less time consuming to add trunk cables during MACs.

Because data centers are being tasked with managing more and more data, owners and operators are placing increasing importance on the equipment density. The EDGE Solutions feature industry–leading density with 100% more than current systems. The 4U housing can manage up to 576 fibers, while the 1U housing manages 96 fibers. The trunk cables are also 30% smaller in diameter and the jumpers are 50% smaller which means more cabled can be routed and stored in the same amount of space without interfering with the initial installation or MACs.

The requirements for data centers are always changing and evolving, and the EDGE Solution will meet the requirements of 100 G Ethernet when necessary, and universally wired components provide a simple upgrade path between two fiber and parallel optic applications.

Vision Technologies and the EDGE are the perfect solution for your data center needs. It is a revolutionary approach to network deployment and operation. With Vision Technologies installing your EDGE Solution, you can be sure that your network will overcome the challenges of today’s data center requirements while also preparing it for future growth. For additional information, please visit the Corning Website



Design Services

Data Center

Wireless Networking



40/100G is Alive and Well


Commercial Services

Commercial Highlights

T-Mobile - Vision provided site survey, installation, and documentation of a cellular reinforcement solution rolled out to over 700 locations in the United States. The hardware deployed included Cisco routers and store cabling.

SAIC - As a SAIC valued services provider for the ICE Program, Vision provides survey, design, implementation, and documentation services on an on-going basis within the 50 states and Puerto Rico.

W.W. Grainger - For a 410 site rollout, Vision provided comprehensive site survey, installation, and cut-over services for cabling infrastructure, access point and router equipment. We successfully managed over 1500 client visits, delivering on-time for the VOIP engagement.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) - Vision provides managed services for 110 FDIC offices nationally for the past six years (including two awards via re-compete) for audio-visual, in-building cellular systems, and structured cabling.

Merrill Lynch - For six years, Vision provided trouble call and resolution services supporting 630 branches in the United States and Puerto Rico, with a contract requiring a four-hour response SLA and intense communications requirements.

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